The internet as well as the offline market is full of offers, targeting certified nursing assistant learning programs or shortly: CNA classes. Now, that is not a problem, at least you can choose from a lot of different programs from different locations with different schedules and of course various prices. However, you need to keep an eye on CNA classes that seem to be really cheap. The problem with those is that they could be scam offers. Knowing that generally CNA classes are in the price range of $400 – $2500, you will know what to look for. Also, it’s important to specify that the highest prices go for the university programs which include a really detailed training for which it is obvious that you need to pay more.

With CNA classes you should also consider the timing of these programs plus the final exam in the end. Also, it’s advisable to learn a lot during the classes because if you don’t learn your exam may easily fail. The exam contains two sections, from which one is theory and another one is practice. The normal time range should fall between 6 and 12 weeks but some online classes finish their programs in as few as 4 weeks. However, 4 weeks can be hefty, you will have less time to prepare and learn the same amount of things, both in theory and in practice. Of course, with online classes you don’t really have a lot of practice but that can be completed in volunteering programs, for instance at the American Red Cross.

Online CNA classes usually come with e-books or videos explaining the ins and outs of this wonderful job. You must make sure that even if your teacher isn’t there in front of you, watching whether you are listening to the lessons or not, you still pay enough attention and consistently prepare for your CNA final exam.

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